Sunday, April 4, 2010

"City Girl" by Missy Trent

"Belinda" by Kat Baker

Here's a couple of artsy things I have completed. I found this beautiful purple picture entitled "City Girl" in the Somerset Studio January/February magazine. I immediately fell in love with it...maybe because I love purple so much. It makes my eyes happy. City Girl was created by Missy Trent. I found her website and once again fell in love with her style. I decided to do my own version of Missy's painting. I really like her. I decided to call her "Belinda". Good name for a City Girl.


This is a collage that began in Chris Cozen's class. Chris and my friend, Nina helped me with the layout a bit and I think she turned out great. The picture of the old women and the look on her face of retrospect is what really inspired me. I called it "Reminisce". The clock and the map represents the time and travel of her life. I sealed it with clear and white encaustic wax.

These other two pictures are my very first attempt at watercolor. I'm taking a watercolor class and I'm just kind of struggling my way through it. I don't think watercolor is my medium of choice, but I spent money on all the paints, etc., so I think I'll spend some more time on it. I am learning how to mix colors and and how much different watercolors react on the paper as opposed to acrylics. It truly is a whole new world. Our teacher is teaching us by doing actual scenes. I think I'll experiment on my own by just adding color to the paper and make backgrounds. Anyway, I'm not inspired to name these pics. I'll call them "Elephants" and "Barn". Ha Ha! That works.