Saturday, May 28, 2011

Much Better!


I was making protein drinks in the blender.  My blender is loud when I use frozen fruits and ice. IMG_0192 Alex was in the kitchen with me and I didn't want the noise to hurt his little ears so I put the head phones on him.  Hee Hee. IMG_0194 He didn't seem to mind at all.  IMG_0196

Much better than blender noise.


He's a happy baby and has happy parents and happy grandparents.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ten Seconds of New-Born Goodness

What's better than this?...a beautiful, healthy baby! Thank you God.

One of the things I like to do, particularly when things don't feel quite right in my world, is count my blessings. I find that counting my blessings, helps to center me, and remind me what's important.

Lately, I find myself counting my miracles.

Life truly is good especially when we count our miracles!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

Fabric Collage 043011 (9)

This is all of us in Jackie's art studio.

I recently took a class from Jackie Baxted and Rita Reade.  Jackie taught us fabric collage and Rita taught us soldered charms.


This is a picture of my grandmother.  She was an actress.  She and my grandfather acted in vaudeville, the Mississippi River Boat, The Old Savoy Theater, and their last venue before their deaths was the Starlight Opera. 

In the picture Grandma is wearing a costume for her roll in Showboat.  She is also wearing the cameo broach and the coral necklace that is attached to the collage. 

Prior to the class we sent Jackie a picture that we wanted to use as our focal point.  She sized the pictures and printed them on fabric.  She also provided us with wonderful tea-dyed canvas and other fabrics, vintage lace and lots of bling.

Mom 050511 (2)

This is a cute little picture of my mother when she was a little girl.   Mom 050511 (3)

I think I may give it to her for Mother's day, but it's sort of a pull/tug thing.  I really want to keep it for myself. 

Fabric Collage 043011 RitaRita gave each of us a gift bag with the supplies to create soldered letters to go on our collage.  She is excellent at soldering and taught me so much about lifting the iron, holding the iron down longer and letting the solder flow.  We made wonderful letter charms that ultimately spelled a word. 

Fabric Collage 043011 (4)

A beautiful collage by Rita

Fabric Collage 043011 (8)

This is Sally's awesome collage. 

Fabric Collage 043011 (6)

Robin's gorgeous collage.

It was a small intimate group of incredibly creative ladies, which was so nice because we were able to become friendly with everyone right away. 

Fabric Collage 043011 (21)

Jackie, Rita and Sally

Jackie who is an awesome friend, hostess and teacher spent time helping us put fabrics together and burn the edges with a heat gun.Fabric Collage 043011 (15)

Rita and Kat

I fell in love with Rita Reade immediately.  She is warm and engaging and also a fabulous teacher.

I was so happy to see my wonderful friends Sally Fasano,

Fabric Collage 043011

Suzi Blu and of course, Gigi. 

Fabric Collage 043011 Robin

Robin Sanchez

Robin is a lady that I recently met at Jackie's.  She inspired a group of us to do a vintage rhinestone earring swap, which I'm looking forward to.  It was a nice surprise to see her again. 

Fabric Collage 043011 Sharon


Fabric Collage 043011 Patty


I met Sharon and Patty for the first time, and I love that we were immediately joking and laughing like old friends. 

It was a fabulous class.  I love a class that allows me to spend time with friends and produce something that I really like.