Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Charity Wings 2nd Annual Seaside Soiree


The 2nd annual Seaside Soiree was even better than the first.  If you attended last year, you know how fun it was.  If you attended this year…lucky you! 


Here we all.  I love this picture.  What a great group of ladies.  They are all so special and so talented. 


IMG_0973Once again, we were at the Oceanside Marina Suites where we had an exquisite view of not only the marina, but also the jetty.



I could sit at the point of the property, right on the water, and watch boats of all sizes and shapes going out to sea, or coming back in the evening.  In the early morning, the kayakers were plentiful and fun to watch, as I said good morning to my husband on the phone and drank my first cup of coffee.  It was truly heaven.



The minute we got there, we began making things.  We actually made an adorable badge pouch out of duck tape.  The pouch was so we could carry our room key.  You didn’t need to carry money because everything was inclusive, including the food, the suite and all the classes.



Here she is…

Miss Vicky!  She was one of our class instructors.  She taught us how to make an embellished bottle to add to our already cute mermaid necklace.



All of our food was excellent.  There was not one thing I didn’t like, from the fabulous Italian food from Villa Capri, to the unbelievably yummy French Toast and Egg Casserole that Sheila made.  In fact, Sheila made many of our meals.  There’s nothing like an especially good tuna sandwich and a hot cup of soup when you’re in the middle of a creativity surge and don’t want to stop…particularity when it was made and served to you by someone else.


Did I mention PAMPERED!  Oh yes!  Thanks to Elena and Sheila and their incredibly caring staff, Glenna, Sarah, Ally, Lisa and Camille, we were pampered and loved all weekend.



It’s all in the details!



Here’s my roommate and new friend, Nadine who was a wonderful hoot!  She made that darling apron.



We were so privileged to have Jen Cushman, mixed media artist and author of the book, Create, Resinate and Explore, as one of our teachers.  She became friends immediately with everyone because that’s how she is… So loving and friendly!



We learned how to make Resin paper.  All these ladies are so talented.



Jen is carefully stirring the ICE Resin

We made a fabulous pendant that consisted of sand, shells, pearls and ICE Resin.  After adding charms, sari fibers and a closure, we created a beautiful bracelet with the pendant.


Here is my resin paper. 



We turned this resin paper into this necklace. 










Meet the Diane’s.  That’s what we called them because they are good friends and always together.  “Where are the Diane’s?”  Here they are in front of the room where everything happens…classes, meals, coffee, everything!



It was early December in San Diego. 



We had beautiful weather.



Michelle Cummings is a returning instructor who taught how to make a beautiful beaded wand.



My sweet friends, Glenna and Nadine


IMG_0991Lovely lady, Cheryl Waters, Lead Fiskateer with Fiskars, taught us some painting and collage techniques. 



Here is the beautiful collage painting that we each made in our class with Cheryl. It’s always amazing how, even with the same materials, each one is different.



Our fabulous volunteers served us an extraordinarily wonderful lunch in these cute sand pails.



Another wonderful returning teacher is Liz Hicks.  She taught us how to do a journal cover using lots of interesting new techniques.  Or, at least new to me.








I must tell you about the Giving Tree!  Every morning and evening there were gifts for each of us on the Giving Tree.  How special is that!  These are beautiful ornaments that were handmade by Sheila.



We invited guests to our Dinner and Silent Auction on Saturday night.  It was a blast!  I won several items at the auction that I’ll treasure.


I wish I would have taken pictures of our suite.  It was two bedroom, two bath, with a living room, dining room and full kitchen.  We had five ladies in our suite and we had the best time together.  At night, we would sit on our round couch and talk and laugh and enjoy each other.  It was such a pleasure to bond with these ladies.

There is so much more that I wish I could tell you, but that might ruin it for next year.  It’s all in the details!

Plans are already being made for the 3rd Annual Seaside Soiree.  It will be the first weekend in December.  Go to Charity Wings and get on the email list so that you get the information as it unfolds.  You will be given the opportunity to make payments if you like, which is what I did this year.  It’s so much easier on my budget. 

I can’t wait to go again.  It’s one of my most favorite events.  I hope you’ll think about joining me in 2012