Friday, May 28, 2010

Prizes Prizes Prizes!!!

Want to win prizes?

Scrapbook Royalty is is soooo excited to team up with Pink Pineapple Scrapbooks, Suzi Blu, Jennifer Priest, Stephanie Ackerman, and Corina Nielsen, for a fun one week "click-ity click, hop-ity hop, bounce-ity bounce" through blog land!! CAN YOU SAY "BLOG HOP BABY!!"

Go to any one of these websites for directions to winning prizes. It's easy and it's fun!

Monday, May 24, 2010


The amazing launch party for Jenny's Doh's new Company, Crescendoh, was exquisite! The long awaited event was Friday night at Gothic Moon Productions in Orange, CA.

My evening began with dinner at Cafe Tu Tu Tango in the City Block. Cafe Tu Tu Tango is an interesting, artsy restaurant complete with an old pirate, sitting at an easel, painting an abstract with acrylics, and a girl walking around creating balloon art.

Jenny Doh sharing a moment with Suzi Blu and Gigi. Suzi was a guest speaker and shared her story of how art not only saved her from personal despair, but then helped her create a wonderful life. A life that she loves.

Suzi, Gigi and me.

Christine, Suzi, Elena and me.
The artists came out from all over to support and enjoy this amazing party. The room was packed with wonderful people who love and enjoy each other. Food and drinks were flowing. I wish I had known there would be such good food.

The Make and Take was a chipboard pendant made with products from Melody Ross' new line.

Melody was another guest speaker. She owns the wonderful Brave Girls Camp. She shared her story of how instrumental art was in her life, of having everything to having nothing and in that process found everything. Art Saves!

I had the pleasure of introducing some of my artsy friends to Shannon who has been an awesome friend since high school. She loves to people watch and this was a fun event for doing just that.

Check out the Crescendoh website for more pics and Suzi Blu's site for a video.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mermaids and Other Wonders

My most favorite thing to do these days is to draw Suzi Blu faces. I love Suzi and I love that she taught me how to draw a face that I really like, which I have never in my life been able to do. Recently, Suzi held two classes at Stamping Details in Poway. As soon as I heard about them, I signed up for both of them. On Saturday we made mermaid pictures. I love how she turned out. I think she is so adorable and I'm really proud of her. My friend Sally also took the class and we had a great time creating together with 20 other ladies who were having just as much fun with Suzi. Check out Sally's blog. She took a bunch of pictures of the students with their art.

On Sunday, Suzi taught a journal class using a board book. I'm not sharing pics yet because it's not finished. I'm not sure if it will ever be finished. I keep adding stuff to it. It's so fun and colorful.
I also did an online ATC swap. I love ATC's and this was a little different for me. It had to be strictly from a magazine. So that's what I did. The only thing I added that was not from a magazine was some gesso and some encaustic wax.

Life is busy these days. I have a new child in the house now and he's 80 years old. Ha Ha. I love my dad-in-law very much, but we were so accustomed to just being us...just the two of us. Now we have a very old man living with us who can only see shapes and can't hear unless we scream in his face. Life changes on a dime and that's for sure. He is so sweet though that I actually feel blessed by him. He talks out loud to himself when he's busy in the yard or doing dishes. It's a gentle calming sound. The best thing is he prays out loud at night when he and his little dog, Barkley, (appropriately named) go to bed. I love his prayers. He asks God to bless us and keep us safe. Then he tells Barkley how much he loves him. It's so cute.

GOOD NEWS: Those of you who remember all the stuff I went through last year with my mother in Northern California might also remember that she had a terrible, crazy neighbor who seriously harassed them on a daily basis. You might be interested to know that the DA has issued a warrant for his arrest. Yey! This is separate from the Order to Show Cause (that he violated the restraining order), which we filed against him. I will share more after we go to court in June. Keep your fingers crossed that this whack job gets what he deserves.