Monday, May 26, 2008

Really Cool List - 101 Things To Do This Summer

Holy Cow! Found this amazing list 101 Things To Do This Summer on Katie the Scrapbook Lady's blog. Check it out.

I love that each item has a website to visit. Since scrapbooking is my thing and it was first on the list, I clicked on it to see what it had to offer. OMGosh! Huge amount of information. You'll love this list.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Peggy Sue Pugster Made The Big Time

Hey Everybody, Guess what!

Check it out. Peggy Sue has one of the highest rated Pug pictures on the Pug A Day website. How fun is that! She even has 13 votes and a comment. Yey, Peggy Sue!

Ooops! Make that 14 votes and climbing.

I'm a proud mama!

Monday, May 19, 2008

My First Freebie

I received all this fun scrapbooking stuff from Lia, a very talented artist at
Thank you so much Lia. I can't wait to work with it. I found a pocket album tutorial today and I think this kit will be perfect.
You are very sweet to send me this package all the say from Singapore.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Mother's Day Album 2008

This is a little Mother's Day album I made for my Mom this year. I flew to beautiful Northern California to see her for the first time in eight years. Whew! That's a long time to not see your Mom. We had a fantastic time together. Maybe the best ever!

Card Making, Scrapbooking and ATC : from a male point of view: Fab's BIG Christmas Challenge - Make a Xmas card on the 25th of every month !

Card Making, Scrapbooking and ATC : from a male point of view: Fab's BIG Christmas Challenge - Make a Xmas card on the 25th of every month !

You'll love to linger on this site. Enjoy!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Sniplits - Short Stories

Just found an interesting website:

According to Enews Channels, Sniplits is a new source for entertainment on the Internet. Sniplits(SM) is publishing audio short stories, packaged as DRM-free MP3 files and playable on virtually any device capable of playing digital music. Sniplits launched its website with 85 audio shorts, ranging from about one minutes in length to nearly an hour. Check out the article on Sniplets

Monday, May 5, 2008

Ok, Not That Size Anymore...Go Up!

I just spent two hours trying on clothes for a trip to my Mother's house in Northern California. I haven't seen my mom in six years. Can you imagine? All the clothes I was wearing and feeling pretty good in last summer don't fit. I have gained back about 15 lbs of the 30 lbs that I had lost in the early part of last year. I'm so bummed because, I feel and look crappy and now I have to wear the old clothes that I was wearing the last time I felt and looked crappy. None of my "cute - Ha" stuff fits.

First thing on my list when I get home is to lose that 15 lbs AGAIN. I much prefer the way I felt then. I felt prettier and much stronger.

OK, so how did I let this happen? Total slip! Started eating cereal, milk and bread again. It started in December when I made that batch of cookies for the cookie exchange, then it just escalated from there. I completely stopped counting points, writing down what I eat. I even stopped walking for a while. Since Christmas, I put 10 lbs. on, then since Gary got sick, I gained the other 5 lbs. Needed that cereal comfort food.

Since I must end this note to myself on a good note, thank goodness I didn't gain the entire 30 lbs. back. I did manage to put together a couple of outfits for my trip. I still have some cute clothes in my closet for when I do lose that 15 lbs. I've started walking again and am enjoying it. I'm getting those niggling thoughts in my mind about the desire to feel better. Those thoughts are what help me get motivated. When I get that motivated feeling, I'm good to go. I'm feeling pretty good about this. Oh, and I'm remembering that, for me, abstinence is the more cereal and milk...yeek, yucky, gone, out, more.

I won a kit from
I feel kind of like a kid who knows she's going to get a present. It's so fun. I'll have a package to look forward to opening when I get home from my mom's. Then I'll have fun with new scrapbooking things to play with.
Thanks again Lia.


P.S. Not more than 15 minutes after I wrote this, my sweet sweet husband walked into the house and handed me a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup...KING SIZE...there are four of them here. Oh God, puleeze help me.

Friday, May 2, 2008

I love color. I'm obsessed with scrapbook papers, beads, fabrics, anything with color.

Check out this site. It's called Colorlouvers. Cool name! It's all about color...color palletts, color patterns, color designs, color trends, color creations, crayons and color color color stuff.

I wish someone would tell me how you put a website address into one word. For example, I might say, "check out this site HERE"...and you would simply click on the word HERE and it would take you to the same website that the ginourmous address above takes you. Does anyone out there want to share that info with me? Please!

Anyway, the website above is all about colors. You can even create your own color.

Tell me, what's your favorite color? Mine is...well I have a couple, but my most favorite color is 7442C8.