Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Month At A Glance

Suzi, Sally & Gigi with some pretty angels
Elena with her gift
Gigi wanting some of Suzi's gift

Lots of fun events for me this month. Thought I'd get them on the blog before the end of the year. Book Club was a blast! Suzi Blu and Gigi were our guests. She shared her art and a little bit about herself with us. We all had lots of questions. Some of us, including me immediately signed up for her online Angel class. We are learning how to make pretty angels.
Dee's beautiful quilted letters
Brenda's gorgeous embellished letters

We had a letter exchange and the ladies once again stepped up to the plate with some beautiful pieces. Gorgeous letters for your scrapbook page or mixed media piece. Of course, being December, we had a gift exchange that was a hoot. There were a couple of items, including a Suzi Blu print, that everyone kept stealing. No, I didn't get it. I tried though!
Hosted a birthday party for Elena at the Beach House in Solana Beach. It was the wettest, coldest day of the year and yet many ventured out to honor Elena. She received some amazing gifts and I think we all had a wonderful time. The Beach House sits right on the sand at the ocean. Due to the storm, the ocean was turbulent with white caps as far as the eye could see.
Jackie organized a fun trip to walk through and view the Christmas decorations in some of the homes in Fairbanks Ranch. It was a fundraiser for MHS Recovery Center in Oceanside. We went through seven homes and then ended up Jackie's sister's home, which was by far the most beautiful on the tour. There were about eight of us and I think each of us had a different favorite house. Jackie pre-instructed us to bring a couple of gifts that wanted to wrap. She brought all her vintage wrapping paper and decorations. We enjoyed lunch and wrapped beautiful presents to give to our family. It was a unique and fun way to spend the day with girlfriends in a beautiful atmosphere.
Hosted an ATC swap on Facebook. I'm new to ATC's, and to hosting so it was a learning experience. Everyone I met in the swap was talented and nice and I think I'll do it again one day in the future. The ATC's are fun to collect and I'm looking for a local ATC group to join.

I took a PMC class from Deborah Trusdell at Stamping Details. I have been intrigued with this art for years and after meeting Deborah and talking about it, it felt like it sort of fell into my lap and said, "It's time!" I am so delighted with what I learned. I left the class feeling like I can make silver jewelry on my own any time I want. That's pretty cool! I made a pair of earrings and a pendant. My next venture will be some small charms, which is an idea I am stealing from one of the ladies in my class. The small charms have words or symbols on them and are cute to add to an art piece.
Spent a couple of days with my beading friends and made some necklaces. Lauren taught me a new technique with micro crimp beads and chain. Also, made a funky little beaded heart with a wire wrapping technique.

And of course, spent a couple of days with my beloved art group at Sally's. Finished my Suzi Blu painting. I don't think Suzi would think I worked long enough on her but, I really wanted to start a pretty girl and learn the processes from beginning to end, which I did. I must admit Suzi played with her a little bit too. I think she is beautiful in a sort of non-proportionate way. I love her.
It was my anniversary this month so my hubby and I spent three days totally enmeshed with each other. It was so fun and sweet and intimate and loving and fun!!! I am the luckiest girl in the world to have such an awesome man.

Christmas was sort of quiet this year. We had a couple of gatherings at , the house with family. Actually, Christmas day, we had grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup with Dave's parents. We had a bigger celebration with our kids, grandkids and extended family. I catered Christmas dinner with Bucca de Pepbo this year. We had the big turkey dinner at Thanksgiving. I wanted something different for Christmas and we didn't want to cook! It wasn't worth it. The food was good but not worth the money. Live and learn. Went to my Sister's on Christmas day. Man, did she have all the trimmings. It was good too! All in all, Christmas was about family and friends, easy peasy and very enjoyable.

New goal for the year is to blog more than once a month.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

It Was An Artful Day!

Today was one of those wonderful days that I love so much. Spent the day at Sally's with some of the girls. It was a small group today, just five of us, which is nice because it's just one conversation as opposed to several. Don't get me wrong, I love it when there's more of us, but I find that I want to be part of all of the conversations at one time and then I get confused. Anyway, we all created something different today. Sally was drawing her beautiful faces and waxing her paintings, Nina was working with alcohol inks and making gorgeous Christmas Cards. Suzi was painting and drawing and working with Copics in her new scrap/journal/photo book. Diane was cutting out pictures for a collage book. I was coloring, painting and waxing my first pretty Suzi Blu inspired girl. I love her. She's so pretty! I can't wait to learn more.

If you would like to learn more about how to make pretty girls go to world renowned artist Suzi Blu's Les Petit Academy and take a class. You get way more than just an art class. She is very hands on. It's like being taught one on one. The videos are yours to keep and you can watch them over and over.

Along with the art, we enjoyed scones and coffee for breakfast and yummy turkey soup and french bread for lunch. The colored pencils, paints, Copics, inks, papers, magazines, wax, irons, and stars were all over the place, and we were eating, creating, and yakking up a storm as girls do. It was a joyful time for me. I think my friends were pretty happy too. Maybe that's what makes it so great. We love to do what we do and we love to do it together! Being part of this artful group of ladies is a sincere blessing in my life. I'm just so darned happy!!!

Monday, November 23, 2009


Crop room and kitchen before the guests arrived.
I was so spoiled and pampered this past weekend that I fear nothing will ever live up to the experience. The standards were set so high that many of us pondered and wondered if we'll ever experience an event as exceptional. I've been sitting here trying to put into words the delight of the 3-Day Crop. Words that keep coming into my mind are:

Awesome, Incredible Hostesses, Sheila and Elena.
Beautiful, Charming Scrap Retreat House in French Valley.
Wonderful, Giving Women, Elena, Cheryl, Jean, Shanna, Wendy, Terri, Carmena, Liz, Sheila, Bobbie, Eva.
Super Talented Teachers, Donna Salazar, Stephanie Ackerman, Elena Etcheverry, Cheryl.
Adorable Fairy, Tory.
Generous, Plethora of Presents all weekend long.
Scrumptious Food all weekend long.
Roller Coaster Feelings from sheer delight and happiness, to an emotional well of tears, to giddy thrill, back to being a ball bag again. And, then finally, sheer exhaustion from the awe of it all. My emotions ran the gambit over the entire weekend!
Wendy working into the wee hours.
The 3-Day Crop started Friday morning. We walked through the door and didn't have to worry about a thing. Everything was taken care of. Every whim was met. All we needed to do was set up our scrapbooking stuff and get started. If you wanted a drink or some food, Bobbie was there. If you wanted a tool, someone would get it and teach you how to use it. There were stamps and inks, computers and printers, Cricket, Slice, Big Shot, Papers, Flowers, Ribbons, and if it wasn't there, we could simply yell out, "Does anyone have a gold metallic pen?" and everyone would start looking for one to share.

Food was excellent and endless! For breakfast, we had fresh coffee, bacon and eggs made to order, cereal, fruit, pastries and more. For lunch, we had grilled gourmet cheese and ham sandwiches, yummy lima bean soup (I know, I don't like lima beans either, but this soup made by Jean, was extraordinary!), chips and salsa, veggies and more. For hors d oeuvres, we had spicy chicken wings, fresh vegetables, chips, crackers and homemade dips, not to mention wine and cocktails. For dinner, we had 4 different salads, chicken and spaghetti, pot roast and mashed potatoes, broccoli and more. Oh, did I mention midnight snacks...uh huh, we had pizza! And, for desserts, we had cupcakes, ice cream sundaes, all the chocolate candy imaginable, cheese cake and so much more. It was truly decadent!

Shanna and Kat
Crafting was a blast! Prior to the event, we each made a swap gift. We picked names and that was who we gave our gift to. Shanna received my gift, which was a Breast Cancer Awareness, Encaustic Wax Collage. She said she was thrilled to receive it, which of course, made me ecstatic! I received a set of Starbuck's ceramic teacups from Carmena and Tory

. My word was Courage!

Once we arrived, we worked on our own scrapbooks, but we also had projects. Once of those projects was to draw a word from a hat and then with that word, create a Breast Cancer Awareness Canvas. Everyone's word was different and each canvas was unique and beautiful.

Friday night Cheryl taught us how to make paper flowers. One little, cut-out, scalloped flower turned into a beautiful rose. I used Glimmer Mist on mine and it was gorgeous. I'll be making these flowers compulsively for days to come, I'm sure.

Donna Salazar arrived on Saturday night and taught us how to make her signature flowers with vintage dictionary pages, tissue paper and Smooch. The color combinations were fantastic. The flowers were made the same way, but each one was different and unique to the artist. I'm on the search for a round scallop punch.

Stephanie Ackerman also came Saturday armed with a kit for each of us. She taught us her signature doodling. That was so much fun and interesting. My doodling has taken on a whole new personality. In fact, I need to take time out to practice my doodling.

Saturday night, Carol, our wonderful masseuse set up shop in the giant upstairs master bedroom. The lights were low, the music was low and the massage was to die for. Personally, the muscles in my neck felt like huge rocks. A little Bag Balm and Carol's deep healing touch was just what was in order. We each signed up for a little peace of her heaven. It was just in time for a second wind to go back to crafting and scrapping.

Sunday, Elena Etcheverry of Scrapbook Royalty, taught us how to make her signature flower with fabrics and flame. Yes, you heard right...this flower requires a candle flame to help frame it's unique look. I've always loved chiffon and now I have a reason to use it. We were all oohing and awing over the fabrics and buttons and final creations. Wait till Prima sees this flower!
One of the ladies from Susan G. Komen came and talked to us about the recent, disturbing media reports that women don't have to do self-exam or mammograms. She said that has been corrected and that she doesn't think the insurance companies will stop paying for breast exam procedures. I was happy to hear how fast they were able to right this wrong!

Out of the original 12 ladies that stayed all weekend, we had 4 Breast Cancer Survivors! Each lady spoke a little bit and we were not only tearful, but so inspired by their strength and courage. Each one of them said, "self-exam" is what saved their lives. They were adamant about the importance of women doing their own exams even if they get regular mammograms.

Kat and her dolly Hope

Kat and one of many Fairy Flybys

Did I mention PRESENTS and FAIRY FLYBYS. They never stopped coming. Every time we turned around there was a new present. I went home with literally twice as much as I came with. Our first and exciting present was Hope, the most adorable doll handmade by Sheila. We received personalized pillow cases and a fabric bag of bath necessities. We had Tory, our own personal Fairy handing out scrapbooking papers, embellishments, boxes, flowers, kits, clips, totes, Susan G. Komen glass ornaments, the list goes on and on.
We had a T-Shirt contest and Terri won with her flower ta ta's. Our Queen of Philanthropy was Shanna who raised the most money and as it turned out, in the least amount of time. We took group pictures. Eva counted the Cards for Troops the final count was over 1,200 cards.

The cherry on top of this event goes to Bobbie and Eva who tirelessly took care of our every need. They wouldn't allow us to do anything for ourselves. Bobbie kept the food coming, the tea kettle hot and the kitchen in constant order. Eva counted cards, sprayed adhesive, even cutout letters on the Cricket for one of my projects.

Personally, I can't thank Sheila enough for her unbelievable attention to detail and her hard work. She has been working tirelessly on this project for absolutely months. Liz, Sheila's mother said, "Sheila would work for eight hours during the day, come home and take a nap and then begin her second job working on the 3-Day Crop for eight hours at nighttime." This was definitely her baby and she did it justice and more. It was the details that made this event special and her ability to keep the party flowing. She has a true gift for knowing just what a crafting girl wants and needs and she did the amazing work to make it happen.

Elena on the phone troubleshooting a computer problem.

Of course, the Princess of the weekend was Elena. She was our computer and printer geek, our photographer and naturally all questions were answered immediately or she was on the phone getting the answer. None of this would have happened for me personally if it hadn't been for my friend Elena. She absolutely took me under her wing and is the reason I was able to have this experience. Her philanthropic skills are unmatched and I truly admire her. She definitely goes the extra mile to make the right stuff happen! She's a natural teacher and artist and I love being with her.

Last but not least, the twelve 3-Day Croppers and the twelve 1-Day Croppers raised 12,000 for Susan G. Komen, For the Cure, Inland Empire. That exceeds the $7,000 goal by almost double. Three quarters of this money will stay in the Inland Empire area, which is wonderful news.

I have more pics that I will add later.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Johnny Depp - Sexiest Man Alive

People Magazine's choice for a 2nd year. Ok, so, I know this is probably violating some sort of copyright law and if it is, I'm so sorry, but...

Can I just say that this guy...
I don't know what it is, but he's pretty dang hot!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Carol Murphy's Vintage Grunge Holiday Encaustic Class

These are the same picture. Different camera lighting.

This past weekend, again, I was very lucky to get into Carol Murphy's Vintage Grunge Holiday Encaustic class at Stamping Details. This was true Encaustic wax and completely new to me. What fun we had! Unfortunately my camera had no batteries in it so I don't have pictures of the class or of Carol. I did take a picture of my finished product. I really like it. I think I may have had a much heavier hand with color than I was suppose to, but I like it that way. Carol has a slide show on her website of some of her Encaustic creations. They are gorgeous! I loved learning this process. I want to do some ATC's using the wax.

Chris Cozen's Faux Encaustic Class

Chris spreading the Faux Encaustic on the picture.

So many great classes to choose from lately. On Halloween day, I was very lucky to get a seat in Chris Cozen's Faux Encaustic class at Stamping Details. We worked with the fabulous Golden products and as you know, it's a language in itself. Needless to say, when Chris was giving the formulas, I struggled to follow along. I tried to write them down, but didn't do so well, so gave up and just started slathering the paints on my canvas. Fortunately Nina wrote down the formulas and shared. Nina is so much more art savy than I and was a life saver for me in this class.

Nina and her beautiful creations.

We used soft gel medium to adhere collage images to the canvas. After the images were dry, we used a palette knife to add two colors of Golden Fluid Acrylic paint to the canvas. After that dried, we selected a third accent color and painted it on a rubber thing, which was then pressed onto the canvas. The checkerboard looking thing is used under carpet padding. I believe it can be purchased by the yard.

These are two of my creations...still very wet.

Chris gave us a few different formula's, including a base of acrylic ground for pastel or soft gel medium. The formula we decided to use dried the fastest, consisting of less than 1/4 cup Golden Fluid Matt Medium for each 8"x8" canvas, with a drop of Quinacridone/Nickel Azo Gold. Another formula substituted the gold for 3 drops of Interference blue and 2 drops of Iridescent gold to add a sheen to the finished look. You spread the mixture all over the canvas. It can be a finished piece at that point, or you can continue to add more layers of paint, stamping, collage, etc.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Jackie's Birthday Party

I bet the blogs are a buzzin' today! It was a very special day! It was Jackie's Birthday!

The girls, Jackie and her sister, Patti, along with June, Jeannie, Maryam, Bonnie, Elena, Bet, Sally and Miss Vicky had a blast at Jackie's Birthday Party Thrift Store Scavenger Hunt! We all met at the Beach Grass Cafe in Poway, and then with our pens and clues in hand, took off to hunt through the local thrift stores. The objective was to find little coin envelopes or pieces of paper or pictures of Jackie that were hidden among the thrift store merchandise. Each was worth a certain amount of points. We had clues to help us, such as Bearly There, Sock Hop, See Dick and Jane, Batter Up, Pink Peddle Pushers, etc. It was very interesting, competitive and fun! However, I must admit, this brain struggled a bit. I struggled with wanting to find the points and wanting to shop. I found it difficult to do both at the same time.

There were five winners, including yours truly! Yey! I won a beautiful, sort of Tuscan looking dipping set. Miss Vicky was the big winner with a box full of vintage jewelry. Sally came in second, June was third, and Elena took fifth place.

We definitely developed quite an appetite from all our hard work. Thankfully, the food was great and we spent some quality time gabbing. It was one of the most entertaining birthday party's I've had the pleasure of enjoying.

Next stop was Stamping Details for a quick visit and the purchase of a couple of "very necessary items". Ha! That's a joke! I need more necessary items like I need... There was a cute dress store next door and Elena found some "necessary items". And, then in another store, Sally and Vicky and I found a desert. What more can you ask for...everyone was happy! Super fun day with nice ladies!

Monday, November 9, 2009


Check out the new post on the Where Women Create blog. They are celebrating their anniversary by having a contest. If you haven't read this magazine, you are in for a treat. I scour it cover to cover. It's truly delicious!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another Great Saturday with my Sister

Yesterday was all about fun with my sister and making cards. We went to a Stack and Stamp in Oceanside and made ten awesome Christmas cards. While we were in the area, decided to go to the Forum. Went to Casa de Bandini for an outstanding mexican breakfast. They have the best food and patio seating! While we were at the Forum, stopped by the Paper Source and guess what...they were doing Christmas card make and takes. Made two cards and four place tags. Lots of fun! We were so inspired, we went home and made four more Christmas Cards with lots of embossing. The best part was being with my sister. We really have a lot of fun together. We start laughing about something and can't stop. It's crazy fun!

My new favorite paper line is Graphic 45. Sooo cute! Can't wait to get some.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

CHA Craft Super Show

Scrapbook Royalty is hosting the WORLD'S LARGEST CROP at CHA in Anaheim. The date is January 23rd.
More to come on this exciting announcement.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

In Loving Memory

D's stepmom lost her battle with pain last night. She has been in different types of pain for many years. After a back surgery and an intestinal surgery, she took a turn for the worse and basically decided that she didn't want to do it anymore. She asked to go to Hospice about three weeks ago and the doctors granted her wish. She's finally out of pain. God rest her soul.

Friday, July 10, 2009

What a Great Birthday!

Yesterday I had an awesome birthday. MB and Lauren took me to lunch at Buster's in Seaport Village. We had a delicious lunch and then shared in a birthday Creme Brulee that was sooo yummy. It was the most beautiful day down on the embarcadero. Walked around a bit and took a couple of pictures. MB gave me a plate that has three beautiful, large, cone-shaped candles atop. She also made me a gorgeous handmade beaded potpourri pillow, but I can't have it yet because it's not quite finished. I'll be buggin' her for that because it's so pretty that I want it now. Lauren gave me a super cool kitty bed for Parker and Kirby. I've been wanting one like this for awhile...waiting for them to go on sale somewhere. Well, wait no more!
Last night was Book Club and Elena surprised me with a handmade present, dinner and a Starbucks. My present was a Kat doll that she made. She said, "I tried to put her hair up and make it messy like yours"...ha ha. She has glitter glass on her blouse, lots of bling, wings, and the sweetest face...just like mine...hee hee. The little word charms say "Kat Artista". I love her! She's the best present ever. Sandy and Allyson joined us for dinner, which was outside under the grass hut trees at Rubios. It was a pleasant evening for dinner outside, the food was yummy and the company was delightful.

Book Club was tons of fun as always. We started a new book, which is a handwriting book. The challenge is to bring something we made that includes journaling. This is a good thing for me because I typically type everything and seldom use my own it's truly a challenge for me. Our kit this month included the Tim Holts Tiny Attacher, which is a stapler that makes .25'' staples. The staples are cute if you want them to show, but they are also so small that you could hide them under a flower or button. We also got a mechanical pencil, which is something I use all the time, plus it's purple, so I love it, and a great Hi-polymer eraser. Oh, and we got a tent style nametag that we are suppose to journal our name on...good thing we have an eraser.
Jennifer made cupcakes and Lisa brought cupcakes so Brenda and I shared a birthday wish. It was fun that we had our birthday on the same day and it just happened to be Book Club day. Bonnie gave me a darling handmade Washie that she knitted herself. It's pink with intricate knitting detail. I was so surprised! Everyone wished me Happy Birthday all night. I felt so special.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Good Luck to Christine

My friend, Christine has made it into the Top 20 for the Paper Crafts Gallery Idol contest! You can see her card for the first round and read about details for voting here:

Also, scroll down to the bottom of the blog post for a chance to win a free scrapbooking kit!
Christine and her husband own the Scrap Retreat House, which is a treat. Check it out.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Guinness Recording The World's Largest Crop at CHA

The Craft and Hobby Association, CHA is usually for retailers and wholesalers only. It is a trade show and not open to the general public... but this year they are hosting a Craft Super Show for everyone to enjoy! If you are any where near Orlando, Florida or can be there July 31 or August 1st, this is something you do not want to miss! Here is the website:

Tickets are $10 for one day and $14 for both. There is a coupon code super08 that you can use to get $5 off. This is a very fun thing to do this summer and super affordable!

Scrapbook Royalty is hosting the World's Largest Crop Attempt! Friday July 31st from 5-11:00 pm. We will be giving away amazing goody bags, there will be fabulous make and takes, and we're having a raffle to raise money for the Leeza Gibbons Memory Foundation.

The cost of the crop is $30 and you will definitely be getting more than $30 worth of goodies! If you are flying in and don't want to bring your cropping supplies, there will be plenty to do and it is still worth it to come! Be a part of Scrapbooking History!!! Guinness will be there to verify our total and hopefully we will make it a World Record!

Can't wait! Hope to see you there!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Paper Source

Paper Source in Carlsbad invited Elena, founder of Scrapbook Royalty, and some of her friends to a party at the store. I was lucky to be on the invite list. Aubrey and Jill gave us the royal treatment with treats and a grand tour of the store, as well as a couple of cool make and takes. Lucky Elena was crowned Queen for the Day and given a lovely gift. It was lots of fun. Paper Source is in the Forum shopping center off of Leucadia Blvd. Walking around the center is a treat in itself. It's really nice. I recommend both the store and the center.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Ties That Bind

Wow! Do you want to be part of something extraordinary? You won't want to miss the Ties That Bind Art Doll that is being auctioned through Scrapbook Royalty for Ovarian Cancer Research Fund. This incredibly special "art doll" is made with ties and is covered with handmade charms that were created by more than 100 different artists. You can learn more by going to Ties That Bind. To show your support for Cancer Research and for an opportunity to win this unbelievable creation, head over to the website right now and purchase raffle tickets. 100% of your money will go to OCRF.

A Night With Jenni Bolin and Friends

LtoR: Kat, Jenni, Sally, Diane, Elena, Brook

I went to a Jenni Bowlin class at Paper Tales last night with Elena, Brook, Sally and Diane. It was a night of firsts... My first class with Jenni, my first meeting with Elena's friend, Brook, and my first time at Paper Tales in Point Loma.
Jenni and her husband, Jared are a warm, lovely, down-to-earth couple who had the ability to immediately make you feel like you are their new best friends. There were 30-40 women signed up for Jenni's class, which I think made them feel welcomed to San Diego. I loved the mini album that we created. It is a 4x4 mini and the theme is "Simply the Best." I won a raffle prize, which was a Jenni Bolin kit.
Brook is great and together with Elena, they are a hoot. Brook is adamant that she is not a scrapbooker, but I think there's a little creative soul lingering around in Brook-land whether she believes it or not. Loved meeting her and look forward to spending more scrappy time with her.
What can I say about Paper's ADORABLE! Lots of cute little embellies everywhere. Thanks Paper Tales for a fun evening.

Paper Dolls

We made paper dolls at our Art Meetup at Jackie B's this week. The last time I made paper dolls, I think I was eight. It's not like riding a bike. It didn't come back to me naturally. In the end, my doll was all paper. I felt compelled to add other embellishments. I noticed that Sally and Bets made an effort to stick to theme of "paper" dolls. I'm going to try again and see if I can grasp it a little better, but in the meantime, here are some pictures of the cute dolls we made.