Sunday, May 20, 2012

Art With the Doodle Girls

I get the opportunity to spend art time with my friends, Anne and Cynthia, once a month. 


This is Anne showing us her sweet card.


On this particular occasion, Anne and I had just gotten back from the Scrapbook Expo and we were so inspired to make cards.

We used a glitter paper that we made ourselves.  Lots of cutting involved, which is not really my thing, but I like the results.  These are mine!


And, these are Anne’s.  We both used them for Mother’s Day.  I think they are cute!


On this day, the three of us worked on a Maura Johnson inspired art journal page.  This is Anne’s.  I love her color choices.  I really enjoyed doing this as you can tell from an earlier post.


This one was made by Cynthia.  The night before, she spent several hours cutting butterflies out of magazines so we would have a nice selection.  I love her placement of the butterflies.  I also really like the way she anchored the girl to the page and to the text with the lines.  I’m going to remember that for my next girl.


What actually started the little gathering of the three of us was a Traci Bautista online workshop with Strathmore.  We met for five weeks in a row and created some very fun art. 

Traci teaches a fantastic art of doodling and I’ve been doodling on everything ever since.


Traci also suggested making doodle art for cards and ATC’s.

TB Week 3 (2)

And, finally, she taught us how to make a “Glam Girl,” which I loved.  Here's the beginning of the painting.

IMG_0310And here’s the completed project, where we actually painted the face right on top of the doodling.  This was so fun!


Another doodle page!


Another doodle page!  I really enjoy doing this!  It’s relaxing!


This is Anne’s doodle page that started out like this!  It looks like it could be finished…but no…


Now it’s finished and a gorgeous piece of art!

TB Week 1 010112 (10)

Anne’s other piece started like this…


And, ended like this!  Awesome!

TB Week 3 (3)

Here is Anne’s Glam Girl.  Started like this…

TB Week 4 (3)

Here’s another step in Anne’s girl.


This is not the actual final painting, but rather this is a 1x1” magnet that was made from the final painting.  Pretty dang clever!

TB Week 1 010112 (6)

This is the beginning of one of Cynthia’s doodle pages.

TB Week 1 010112 (14)

Here’s more of the same page!

TB Week 1 010112

Here’s another one of Cynthia’s pages.

TB Week 4 (4)

This is the beginning of Cynthia’s Glam Girl!  Love her!

TB Week 1 010112 (7)TB Week 1 010112 (8)TB Week 1 010112 (11)TB Week 1 010112 (12)

Here are some more of the pages that we created in different stages.

TB Week 4 (2)

This is Laurie’s Glam Girl.  Isn’t she gorgeous!  Love her hair!