Sunday, July 13, 2008

We All Have Them...Limitations

What is yours?
For me, I think the answer to that changes from time to time. Right now I feel very limited. This little Food for Thought opened my eyes. I need to review it and ponder it more. I received it in an email from George Raynault, previous owner of Weekenders and current owner of Symagi He sends out a weekly Food For Thought email in case you want more of this.

Can you make one cent in a year?
At some point you are going to say no.
Sooo, let's try the other way.
A lady author (Harry Potter) recently made well over $100,000,000 in one day. (True!)
Could you do that?
At which penny are you going to say yes.
This is reality as you see it.
This is the Law of Attraction at work.
This is where/how you decide to limit yourself.
You simply cannot attract what you don't believe.
And your beliefs are a complete illusion. (Meant both ways)
Take a moment to think about just how much money you truly believe you could earn in any one year. Then reason with yourself as to exactly why that amount is coming to mind.
Dare I repeat, yesterday is not tomorrow. Yet you use yesterday to base your expectations of tomorrow. And you are even pleased at how 'reasonable' you are being when you do that!
For once, stop convincing yourself of your limitations (and the long list as to why!) and set a new objective for yourself. Dramatically lessen your own limitations on your income.
Overcome your own resistance.
Just this once.

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