Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Pismo Beach

I went with sister PD and friend ML to Pismo Beach in July. What a cool place that is. It's about 5 hours from San Diego, so we did a road trip. ML had lived in the area so she drove her comfy Lexus and gave us a bit of history. On the way up we had lunch on the gorgeous Santa Barbara harbor. We also took a short detour over to Solvang, which is a delightful, touristy, german town. We stayed in DD's rented huge home on 3 acres. It was comfortable. Saturday, we went into San Luis Obispo and shopped and had lunch. At sunset we went for a dune buggy ride in the dunes in Oceano. What a hoot that was. My favorite part of the trip. I would do that every day if I could. There's an 8-mile stretch of beach where 1,000's of people camp along the shoreline in motorhomes, tents, cars, whatever. Behind this long row of campers are the most beautiful natural dunes you've ever seen. People ride motorcylces, quads and dune buggys all day and night. It's quite unique. That night ML and PD cooked an awesome dinner for us. The next day, we left around 1:00 and headed home. It was a great weekend! I'm so glad we went because DD has pulled out of Pismo so we won't get the opportunity again.

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SLORider said...

Glad to see regular people are enjoying Oceano Dunes! It is California's most popular state park, surpassing Hearst Castle's attendance by three times! I ride my motorcycle out there all the time and it is always a blast. Unfortunately, there are a lot of over-controlling Sierra Clubbers (emphasis on "club") and eco-religious types that can't allow 0.5% of California's coast to be used for family recreation. They are constantly trying to shut down our beach for their selfish greed. I'm glad you were able to enjoy nature and the dunes--which they say is impossible while riding a dune buggy or dirt bike! If you are inclined to relate you positive experience to the press--positive letters to the editor are sorely needed: --and--

-Kevin (