Friday, July 10, 2009

What a Great Birthday!

Yesterday I had an awesome birthday. MB and Lauren took me to lunch at Buster's in Seaport Village. We had a delicious lunch and then shared in a birthday Creme Brulee that was sooo yummy. It was the most beautiful day down on the embarcadero. Walked around a bit and took a couple of pictures. MB gave me a plate that has three beautiful, large, cone-shaped candles atop. She also made me a gorgeous handmade beaded potpourri pillow, but I can't have it yet because it's not quite finished. I'll be buggin' her for that because it's so pretty that I want it now. Lauren gave me a super cool kitty bed for Parker and Kirby. I've been wanting one like this for awhile...waiting for them to go on sale somewhere. Well, wait no more!
Last night was Book Club and Elena surprised me with a handmade present, dinner and a Starbucks. My present was a Kat doll that she made. She said, "I tried to put her hair up and make it messy like yours"...ha ha. She has glitter glass on her blouse, lots of bling, wings, and the sweetest face...just like mine...hee hee. The little word charms say "Kat Artista". I love her! She's the best present ever. Sandy and Allyson joined us for dinner, which was outside under the grass hut trees at Rubios. It was a pleasant evening for dinner outside, the food was yummy and the company was delightful.

Book Club was tons of fun as always. We started a new book, which is a handwriting book. The challenge is to bring something we made that includes journaling. This is a good thing for me because I typically type everything and seldom use my own it's truly a challenge for me. Our kit this month included the Tim Holts Tiny Attacher, which is a stapler that makes .25'' staples. The staples are cute if you want them to show, but they are also so small that you could hide them under a flower or button. We also got a mechanical pencil, which is something I use all the time, plus it's purple, so I love it, and a great Hi-polymer eraser. Oh, and we got a tent style nametag that we are suppose to journal our name on...good thing we have an eraser.
Jennifer made cupcakes and Lisa brought cupcakes so Brenda and I shared a birthday wish. It was fun that we had our birthday on the same day and it just happened to be Book Club day. Bonnie gave me a darling handmade Washie that she knitted herself. It's pink with intricate knitting detail. I was so surprised! Everyone wished me Happy Birthday all night. I felt so special.

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