Monday, November 16, 2009

Carol Murphy's Vintage Grunge Holiday Encaustic Class

These are the same picture. Different camera lighting.

This past weekend, again, I was very lucky to get into Carol Murphy's Vintage Grunge Holiday Encaustic class at Stamping Details. This was true Encaustic wax and completely new to me. What fun we had! Unfortunately my camera had no batteries in it so I don't have pictures of the class or of Carol. I did take a picture of my finished product. I really like it. I think I may have had a much heavier hand with color than I was suppose to, but I like it that way. Carol has a slide show on her website of some of her Encaustic creations. They are gorgeous! I loved learning this process. I want to do some ATC's using the wax.

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Nina and/or Ruthie said...

Very nice, Kat! I really wanted to take that class and try the real thing. Glad you took it. Bring it to Sally's tomorrow so we can all see it! ~Nina~