Monday, May 24, 2010


The amazing launch party for Jenny's Doh's new Company, Crescendoh, was exquisite! The long awaited event was Friday night at Gothic Moon Productions in Orange, CA.

My evening began with dinner at Cafe Tu Tu Tango in the City Block. Cafe Tu Tu Tango is an interesting, artsy restaurant complete with an old pirate, sitting at an easel, painting an abstract with acrylics, and a girl walking around creating balloon art.

Jenny Doh sharing a moment with Suzi Blu and Gigi. Suzi was a guest speaker and shared her story of how art not only saved her from personal despair, but then helped her create a wonderful life. A life that she loves.

Suzi, Gigi and me.

Christine, Suzi, Elena and me.
The artists came out from all over to support and enjoy this amazing party. The room was packed with wonderful people who love and enjoy each other. Food and drinks were flowing. I wish I had known there would be such good food.

The Make and Take was a chipboard pendant made with products from Melody Ross' new line.

Melody was another guest speaker. She owns the wonderful Brave Girls Camp. She shared her story of how instrumental art was in her life, of having everything to having nothing and in that process found everything. Art Saves!

I had the pleasure of introducing some of my artsy friends to Shannon who has been an awesome friend since high school. She loves to people watch and this was a fun event for doing just that.

Check out the Crescendoh website for more pics and Suzi Blu's site for a video.

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