Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Suzi Blu's Birthday Bash/Fundraiser

What a crazy fun day we had at Stamping Details a couple of weeks ago. A group of like minded, artsy girls got together and celebrated Suzi Blu's birthday by having a fundraiser for Holly's Garden Rescue. The final count was $530 with only 12 ladies.

We spent the day journaling and chatting and just generally playing. Suzi shared some fun techniques and provided birthday gifty bags that included templates for us to use in our journals. We commented on how all of us could use the same templates and end up with pages that were completely different. Everyone went home with a couple of journal pages that they really loved.

We went live on Suzi's website and many of our online visitors stayed with us all day.

As with only the classiest birthday parties, we enjoyed birthday hats, balloons, flowers, presents, awesome cupcakes from Cupcake Love, fun prizes from Suzi, singing and lots of artsy love.

We also had a stream of visitors, including members of Holly's Garden Rescue, a registered non-profit, who spoke to us about their organization, which rescues small breed dogs who are in danger of being euthanized. They will get the call from a shelter that 1 or more dogs is going to be killed that day and Holly's Garden jumps in the car and rescues them. They will drive all over, sometimes several counties to different shelters in one day. If you are inspired to help by fostering a dog, or donating to this wonderful mission, I encourage you to go to their website.

A couple of our most popular guests were Gigi and Finney who came dressed in their birthday best. Suzi has some wonderful pictures of them on her website.

Our own private photographer, Rhiana spent the entire day taking pictures of this fabulous event. I hope you get a chance to see them. We had such a fantastic time.

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