Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Suzi Blu - Self Guidance Video Portrait Classes

You have heard me credit Suzi Blu for simply changing my creative life. She has taught me so much about drawing a face and creating a mixed media piece of art that I am proud of.
Well, here's your chance to learn from the expert herself.
Only $35.00 for three classes,
including 39 videos.
You will never find a deal like this again!
Suzi's classes are normally a huge bargain at $55.00 and that is for one class.
They are a bargain because besides all the videos, which are yours to keep, she also provides pdfs, links, inspirational ideas and pictures, complete supply lists with links, and unwavering confidence in you. I don't believe there is any other artist on the web that offers as much.
Don't miss this opportunity!
Three of Suzi's most popular classes
for only $35.00.
Go to Suzi's website for further details.

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