Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Seaside Soiree and Charity Wings

For three days I was in absolute Seaside Soiree sensory euphoria.

In fact, even the last few days of reflection on my weekend are only now just beginning to be infiltrated by the reality of chores, grocery shopping...you know, the real life stuff.

The first annual Seaside Soiree was like being at an incredible entertainment park with some of my favorite people. My mind was empty of everything but having fun.

Everywhere we looked, everywhere we turned, there was something amazing going on including, making new fabulous friends and spending time with some of our favorite friends.

The classes were like being on a wild ride.

The teachers who, in my opinion, are some of the best included, Liz Hicks, Suzi Blu, Miss Vicki Breslin, Alisa Burke, Michelle Cummings and Melody Ross.

We made paintings, royal princess beaded crowns, sea shelled frames, stamped journal books, painted canvas purses and more.

Like fairy princesses, Elena, Sheila and the wonderful Charity Wings fairies gave us gifts throughout the entire event. Every class included gifts. Every time we went to bed, we had gifts on our beautiful tye dyed pillow. Actually, I should have brought an extra suitcase for all my projects and presents.

We stayed at the Oceanside Marina Suites, which was located right on the harbor. The accommodations included 2 bedroom, 2 bath suites that were literally 15 feet from the water.

Oceanside, California in the winter.

The view right outside our suite.

A man and his bird.

Harbor...we could hear the fog horn at night. So peaceful here.

Sally and Georgia

Living room in our suite

Kitchen in our suite.

Best picture of the night, Alicia and Kathryn having fun.

Me and my friend.

Elena and Jessie being cute! Awe Ha

Miss Vicki, Suzi and Maryanne

Miss Vicki and her baubles and bangles

Elena, Miss Vicki and Alicia telling secrets in our room.

Elena's birthday present from Kelly.

Hangin' with my good friend Sally.

Kat, Amy and Glenna at sunset.

Roommates, Miss Vicki and Camille

Princess Elena provided us with bacon so that every morning we could wake up to the smells and sounds of bacon cooking.

CSS Book club friends, Cynthia, Kat, Alicia, Kathryn

Crown time.

Danette & Kat


Just call me Silly Sal said...

You took marvelous photos, Kat! Even if I had remembered my camera, I wouldn't have taken photos and great. Thanks for including me in the photos - friend. We had a great time, didn't we. Elena did such a great job with both the teachers and the facilities. I'd sure go back there!

Amy said...

LOVE this post Kat - you wrote everything so nicely! Your pictures look great, too. I hope to see you again soon! :)

Elena Lai Etcheverry said...

Im so glad you were there. You make all the events and all our gatherings more fun!