Monday, January 16, 2012

Fun For Me

Prior to Christmas, I made two paintings that I liked quite a bit.  They were both created as white elephant gifts for the two creative book clubs I participate in.  The parameters of the white elephant swap was that the gifts had to be handmade and they had to be something I would want to keep.  I think I accomplished that.  I had a lot of fun painting them and I really wanted to keep both of these paintings. 

I was so excited that at both clubs the paintings were very well received.  My girlfriend affectionately calls them my "big head girls."  

By the end of the swaps, the paintings went to two lovely ladies that I feel confident are happy with them.  If I couldn't keep them, I am happy that they went to good homes and will be well loved.

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geogems said...

Kat, your paintings are great and I expect will be even more appreciated when you are discovered. :> I had no idea about your back until I spent time with you at CHA. I want to say you are far from a "complainer". You walked (helping strengthen) and tolerated a different bed etc. that comes with travel. You were a champ--- hang in there and hoping to see yhou soon. Hugs, geo