Monday, April 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Alex

I just had to share this crazy boy with you.  This is my little grandson, Alex.  In these pics, he is having his first birthday cake.  I promise he did not eat that whole cake.  Most of it’s in the chair and on the floor.



We had Alex’s Birthday at Old Poway Park.  It was a beautiful day.


The Steam Engine was running and we had about 40 family and friends crammed into that train. 

We reserved a room at the Old Hamburger Factory.


The staff is so incredibly friendly.  The food is wonderful.  You get the room and it’s kind of like having a home-base.  You do all the festivities there, but then you also have the entire park.  People came and went all day.

IMG_0535We had lots of children at this party and they were loving being able to play all over the park.  I highly recommend it for a kids birthday party.  The park is quite large. 



This is part of my family, including granddaughter, and two grandsons, my son and daughter and her husband.




Here’s both my grandbabies…three weeks apart in age.  So different in every way.  The little girl is all Girlie and the little boy is all BOY!  It’s awesome!  What a Blessing!

They were already having a tug-a-war over the balls.  Cute!


My sister, her grandbaby and me.  We have healthy babies in our family.  He’s only 3 months younger than Alex.

I have a million pics of this day, but not one of my daughter with her son, Alex.  Hopefully she got one. 

If you’ve never been to Old Poway Park, it’s worth a trip.  Especially if you have kids.  They’ll love it.  It’s on Midland Rd. in Poway, right across the street from Stamping Details.  I know some of you have been there.

It was a special day for a special little boy.  Thanks to John and Christine for all that they do for our family.  Alex is a lucky boy to have such wonderful grandparents.

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