Friday, September 21, 2012

Whew!  Been in a bit of a blog slump lately!  But enough about that already!

Here's a little something we all had an opportunity to make in Gypsy Book Club the other night.  

Our guest was Designer and Educator with Prima, Jamie Severtson Dougherty.  She brought us goodies and taught us how to create this cute little wall hanging...or, journal cover.  I made it into a wall hanging.   It says, 

"I will not allow anything to wilt me."  

I like it, and I like the very talented Jamie.
Go to her website and check out the gorgeous painting she donated to Charity Wings.

That particular quote came from the Brave Girls Art School.  It's a Brave Girl, Melody Ross, on-line class that I have been taking with some of my friends from Book Club.
Starting Funky Flowers Project
Maybe I should have stopped here!

Here's some pics of a few of our Brave Girls.

Kathren and Alicia

Alma and Gaye

Kat and Anne

Completed Funky Flowers

 We are learning how to be good to ourselves through art and words.  I struggled with the flower project.  Maybe I just went to far with it.  I think there was a point when I kind of liked it, but you know how we think more is better.  Hmmm!  I gave it to Cyndi, my book club friend, and she was happy with it, which in turn made me happy.  The pics are important for me because, I'm not usually this hard on myself with regard to art.  I need to remember.

This week we are going to make TRUTH signs. 

You can still sign up for Brave Girls Art School.

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