Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Charity Wings Seaside Soirée 2012

Kat, Kristal, Elena, Trish, Cyndi, Robin, Cynthia, Nanci
Creating Outside the Book Club Friends
This was my 3rd annual Seaside Soirée and I can't believe how they just keep getting better.  Elena Lai Etcheverry and all the Charity Wings volunteers, Sarah Han, Sarah Nedtwig, Kam McCallan, Glenna Ruoff, Jesse Traller, Brooke Sharp, Lura Brown, Julie Wilcox and the Dudes completely outdid themselves.  It takes a lot of hard work to organize an event like this and these good people not only worked far beyond most people's capacity, but also went out of their way to be accommodating and supportive.  We were completely pampered, well fed, unbelievably inspired and constantly encouraged.  

Our home for the weekend.
Beautiful views from the Martin Johnson House at Scripps Oceanography Institution where we enjoyed Seaside Soiree.

Another gorgeous view from the deck of our beautiful location.

Our teachers are first-class artists, and they givingly armed us with many incredible techniques to put in our little bag of tricks. My love and heartfelt thanks go to you Cheryl Waters,  Jen Cushman, Danita, Jennifer Priest, and Michelle Cummings.  Each of you has a special gift of art to share, but also unique ways of teaching and encouraging.  Thanks for making my favorite part of this event so amazing, and for leaving me beyond inspired to step out of my box in my own creations.

Cheryl Waters' beautiful creation that was taught by Jen Cushman
Jennifer Priest taught us how to decorate these amazing dress forms. 

There are many more behind-the-scenes people like Robyn Olszowy who organized a fun swap, and others who volunteer their time to make gifts and auction items, and donate product.  I appreciate them because what they give of themselves truly creates some of the most special moments of the weekend, and that's what makes this retreat so unique. 

Darling name tags were made by Amy Gellar.
Danita taught us how to paint this cute mermaid.
Here is a wall of angel art and a few of the many auction items that were donated by artists from all over the country.

If that is enough, I think what really makes Seaside Soiree an over-the-top awesome event is the group of participants.  Everyone I have ever met at Seaside Soirée has been nice, gracious, and humble and this year was no exception.  The ladies were all lovely, helpful, and fun.  Of course, it starts at the top with our beautiful Elena Etcheverry.  She has a gift for attracting like-minded people who just seem to gel well together and go out of their way to encourage each other.  Seaside Soirée is her baby and she has nurtured it into something that I believe is unlike any other retreat.  I hope to continue to attend this event for years to come.

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