Monday, February 4, 2008

EOM February 2008

1. I took a great scrapbooking class with Designer, Candice McLean. It was a LOVE book and it was made with pure love and given to Honey on Valentine's Day. I enjoyed every minute of making it because it was for him.

2. Went to my first Bunco and had a blast. My Sister PD and friend KM were there and it was a kick in the pants. There were about 25 women and each brought something to eat. Well, you can imagine the heaven we were in. Very nice group of ladies.

3. My bff, MB had a tummy tuck. That was interesting because she had 2 tubes coming from her tummy to these little balls. I won't tell you what was collecting in the balls, but needless to say they had to be purged on a regular basis. She handled the surgery very well and was up and moving around within days. She had the tubes for a couple of weeks, but no problems with them. She looks awesome and is wearing a much smaller pant. It's a new MB! I'm so delighted for her.

4. Went to High School BFF, SC's house in Costa Mesa for a night. We went to a fashion show and had some fun. Enjoyed a great breakfast the next day at Mimi's. Tried to find a scrapbooking store, but no luck.

5. Spent the night with PD at KM's house and had a scrapbooking party. ML came over Saturday evening for some scrapbooking and dinner. She made a great shrimp thing and we all enjoyed. We were kind of low key so spent the whole day on Sunday, watching movies. It was nice.

6. Honey went on a shooting tournament in LV. He came in 9th overall, which is really good. He said said he had a great time. His poor body didn't fair so well though. He was in a lot of pain.

7. MB's birthday...we didn't celebrate as big as I would have liked, but we had a nice lunch and went to a movie and it was fun.

8. Took another scrapbooking class from Designer, Terina Matthews. It's an accordian book inside a box. I love it.

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