Monday, February 4, 2008

EOM January 2008

One of the interesting things I'm discovering is that many people use blogging as a journal. Drawing on that idea and the Roundup idea, I thought I better remind myself of January.

Daughter and Son-in-law's papers went to the court for the divorce. Should be final on their 3rd wedding anniversary. How ironic!

Had a facial and massage at Boston's thanks to my Honey...It was pure love...pure heaven. Katherine gave me a relaxation massage and Mary gave me a cleansing facial with an eye mask and a pomegranite peel...hmmmm!

Wonderful Brunch with MB at Anthony's...our favorite place.

Back to slimming down at WW after doing the big holiday gain. Don't want to let that happen again. Must remind myself not to do that next year.

MIL broke her foot in December and seems to be on the mend. Had a birthday breakfast at the buffet. Gave her a garden angel.

MB went to Utah.

I took two classes at my new favorite scrapbook store in Poway. Cool Scrapbooking Stuff
The first one was Acrylic Family Album by Terina Matthews
The second one was Love by

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