Sunday, January 3, 2010

I had a blog post that I hadn't published because I kept adding to it. It was my previous post that encompassed the whole month of December simply because I didn't blog all month. December is over and I'm still trying to share about what I didn't share about at the time. It's crazy! Since I write this blog as more of an art journey for myself, or a bit of a diary if you will...I feel like I need to add every little detail of my art life or I might forget it happened. Again, it's crazy. Time to move on to 2010.

Here's what I'm into right now. My friend Nina introduced me to
Christine Kane's blog and the idea of using one word as a way of setting intention for a whole year. This intrigued me because I have been struggling with my New Year's resolution. I don't have one! Every year, I want to get healthy and by that I mean lose weight, get off cholesterol meds, take better care of myself, have a physical, bla bla bla! Sometimes I'm successful and often it only lasts until February. This year, I don't even seem to care. I absolutely refuse to set myself up for disappointment, hence I'll do nothing! Makes sense right...not!

I like the idea of a word to focus on. For example if I want to stay on the same path, my word could be HEALTH. I don't know yet. Maybe I'll have two words...

I recommend Christine's blog if this is something you'd like to try. She has articles from other bloggers that describe their word of the year and why. She also has a helpful tool to figure out what your word is. I'm going to go use it right now.

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