Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Fairy Class with Suzi Blu

Suzi Fairy Class 072211My friend Suzi Blu is going home to New Jersey.

Before she goes, we had to fit in one last class.  We created a pretty fairy painting.

Suzi Fairy Class 072211 (19)

We started by drawing our faces in pencil.  Then we added a couple of different textures, such as molding paste.

Suzi Fairy Class 072211 (18)

We used stencils for some of the design.  The rest of the textures were added with a knife. 

Suzi Fairy Class 072211 (12)

Suzi, Christine, Gina and Anna

Here's our little group of students.  At this point we have completed the first day.  Need to let the texture elements dry completely.

Suzi Fairy Class 072211 (8)

The next day, we began adding color with sprays, paints and powders.  It was an awesome process.

Suzi Fairy Class 072211 (5)

Proud of my painting.

Suzi Fairy Class 072211 (4)

Gina and Anna with their beautiful paintings.

Suzi Fairy Class 072211 (9)

Suzi caught a few moments in between helping her students and not only created the painting above, but also worked on several of her unfinished projects.

Suzi Fairy Class 072211 (10)

This was our inspiration piece that Suzi actually created for the class.

Suzi Fairy Class 072211 (7)

It was a super informative class because of all the techniques we learned.  It was a wonderful, rich class because of the pretty face we learned to draw.  It was a fabulous experience because I learned to paint a beautiful fairy and gained so much more confidence in my art.  Suzi is not only a fabulous artist and teacher, but she also has a unique ability to reinforce confidence that one doesn't even realize they already possess.

Well, now that my Suzi is leaving, it will be online classes for me for awhile.  Rest assured, I'll be saving my pennies to visit my Jersey girl very soon. 

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