Thursday, March 20, 2008

Peggy Sue Pugster

Here are some pictures of Peggy Sue Pugster. She's my constant. She brings me a lot of comfort. When I was 12, I had a Pug named Frankie. He was a darling and had some of the oddest behaviors. For example, he liked to sit high. He would sit on top of his dog house rather than be inside, even in the rain. He would sit on top of a mound of dirt while my dad was doing yard work. He would sit on top of chair rather than ever be on the floor.

Peggy likes to be high also, but not to such an extreme. Peggy's thing is to keep the other furry children away from me. I am hers and no one else is aloud the priviledge. She's very jealous of any attention I give to the others. Even Honey gets in the way sometimes. Fortunately she loves him too so she's more apt to want to be in the middle of a kiss or hug.
Peggy came to me through a terribly family tragedy. When my daughter's husband was killed in a car accident, his cousin gave her a 6-week old pug puppy in the hopes of easing her pain. Unfortunately, daughter was only 21 and had 2 babies. Having a puppy with 2 babies was just too difficult.
After having Frankie in my youth, I had always wanted another pug. I even cut a picture of a pug out of a magazine and put it on my refrigerator. It was there for years. Everyone knew I wanted a pug. When daughter asked me to babysit the little baby pug for a weekend, I leapt at the opportunity to cuddle and love with the little puglet. On the next Monday, she asked me how it went and I told her it was great...anytime...I'm available. She asked me if I would like to keep her and, well, there was no hesitation in my answer. Peggy Sue and I were meant to be together.
God works in wonderful ways.

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