Wednesday, March 26, 2008

EOM for March

1. Easter Sunday was quiet. Honey and I stayed home and rested.

2. Honey went with me to see my Dr. We changed my medication and it seems to be working ok. I was having some unusual depressive episodes. They seem to be better now. We'll see. Saw her twice this month.

3. MB's husband GC had a stroke. Very scary. It's in the same spot in his brain as it was the last time, only on the opposite side. His left side is currently paralizysed. Hopefully when the swelling recedes, he can regain some of his motor skills. He is mad as heck about being in the hospital so everyone now knows that he is still in there. He knows exactly what is going on and he can communicate. He has to go through physical therapy and then he can go home. MB says she's prepared to take care of him. God be with them both. SC back in the picture.

4. Spent the day with my sister, KG, my neice, ORG, and daughter TH. We had lunch and took tons of pictures and had a lot of fun. ORG is a not quite a year and is a doll.

5. Went to my 2nd Bunco. Only 12 women this time. I liked it. It was cozy and easier to get to know some of the women. It was a fun time and PD was the big winner of the night.

6. Went to the dentist and got an unexpected crown. Fortunately, only hurt for a day. Yey!

7. Mom and PD's birthday. Sad to say I didn't have any money so not easy to buy presents. Sent mom some flowers and spent a wonderful day at PD's. Mom seemed to be happy. I hope so cause it was her 75th. I think PD had a pretty good birthday. She got lots of presents and we had a fantastic dinner.

8. Went to Palm Springs for the day with the girls. PD, KM, ML, R, and me. R is from Myrtle Beach so she had never been to PS. It was a gorgeous day and because of the rain, the normally brown terrain was green. The mountains had tons of snow on them. We had lunch at Ruby's and did some people watching. Then we did a little shopping. No one really bought much. On the way up, we stopped at It's About Time Scrapbooks in Murrietta and we did a little shopping there. I don't think we could have asked for a better day.

9. Spent the night at PD's and did a lot of scrapbooking. We watched movies and J brought us some Ben and Jerry's ice cream. Couldn't get enough of that.

10. Spent a day at ML's scrapbooking with PD and KM. We had a wonderful BBQ'd chicken salad and the best cookies I've ever had in my life. It as a nice peaceful, cozy day.

11. Got word that ML's dear friend J passed away. Felt so bad for her. She took it hard but by the time we went to PS, she was in better spirits and on her way to healing.

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