Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fourth of July Goodness
Sparkler Girl

OMGosh! I've been so busy with my Suzi Blu paintings. I created Sparkler Girl all by myself. You know how I'm always talking about my Suzi Blu classes. You really must check out her online school. She teaches us how to make pretty girls with pretty faces. It's opened a whole new creative world for me. I'm a scrapbooker, but now I can paint pretty faces and I'm making pretty paintings all the time. Her classes are so inexpensive and you absolutely get way more than your money's worth. Taking her classes have changed my creative life and given me confidence in my art. Incidentally, that's what Suzi's teachings are all about...helping you not only learn how to draw and paint, but inspiring you to know that you can do it. She is a very positive influence that you will love.

Yesterday, Suzi taught us how to do angels in a class at Stamping Details. What a wonderful class. Right after class I had to come home and look at my videos again. Oh yes, she let's you keep the videos. I don't know any other online art teacher that lets you download and keep the videos. In fact, I don't want to show you my angel yet because, after watching a couple of videos last night, I now see things that I want to redo. In fact, I think I need to touch up Sparkler Girl's eyes a little bit. Ha Ha! Woooo Suzi, I'm addicted to Petite Dolls!

Can't wait for Mermaid class. I love making pretty mermaids.

Thank you Suzi Blu for all that you do.

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Christa Irell said...

Kat, I LOVE your sparkler girl!
You are SO lucky you got to take a class with Suzi in person- I would love to do that, if she ever comes to Colorado to teach...
It's funny, you said a lot of things in your blog post that I did... it's so cool to be able to meet so many wonderful fellow artists in their journey!
Keep having fun and keep creating!