Thursday, July 22, 2010

I seem to be so inspired when I do art at other people's houses. Again, I was at Suzi's house and we were in the creative groove. Suzi made the most adorable board book. Go to her website to see her work and take her classes. You'll love everything you learn from her.
I made this piece from beginning (blank board) to completion. It's the first time I've ever collaged and painted in a grid like this. I've done smaller grids, but this was fun. I especially like the black and white check on the side. I used Golden's crackle paste, which was fun. There is a lot of paint on this board. Strangely, my least favorite colors are yellow and orange. How this ended up being those colors is crazy. It just simply evolved that way. It was fun to step out of my color box.
I'm a huge fan of many of the Stampington magazines. I was inspired to do this particular grid process by an article in this month's Somerset Studio. The artist is E'layne Koeningsberg.

"For Tomorrow and It's Needs"
I liked the first one so much that I made another one for my pig loving girlfriend Elena. This one is super grungy...but it's purple so it's all good. Now purple...I I love. I really enjoyed making this painting. I added beads and ribbons to it because Elena's a princess and she needed a little bit of glitz.

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Just call me Silly Sal said...

Love the one you made for Elena! And, where did you find the photo of a girl with her pet pig?