Friday, April 4, 2008


I wanted to share about an angel that came into my life recently. D is 48 and has been homeless for 15 years by choice. She rides a bike everywhere she goes. She earns money by cleaning houses and taking care of sick people. She has severe hyperactivity and ADD. She is totally aware of her handicaps and seems to only focus on the positive things in her life. Even the things that most people would think devastating, she talks about them in a positive light.

I want to say that she seems to have a halo.

The little that I know of her past is that she had a daughter at the young age of 13. She eventually agreed to let her sister adopt her daugher and then left home. She hadn't seen her family in 22 years. A friend encouraged her to contact her mother and then gifted her with an airplane ticket to see her family this past Christmas. It was an incredibly wonderful event for her. She now knows that leaving her daughter with her sister was the absolute right thing to do. She says her daughter is a happy, beautiful, talented, nice, young woman today.

D is a self-proclaimed healer. She says, "God works through me to heal people." I believe her because she knows it to be true. I've never witnessed her healing powers and most people might even think she's quite the quack, but I love that she is so true to herself. She's pure. What she says may seem crazy to most, but she is so clear, concise and positive that one can hardly believe it's anything more than truth.

I don't want to forget the feeling I had while in her presence. We connected on a level that I can only explain as a gift from God. We are nothing alike and I don't typically connect with people quickly. I'm embarrassed to say that when I reflect on our meeting, it even sounds bizarre to me that...hmmm, I guess, that I would have even taken the time to engage with her. She's a character like no one I've ever met, and I instantly loved her. I pray for her safety in life. Thank you God for the gift of an Angel.

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