Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Need to Release

Spent some time with MB's husband, GC today. GC had his 2nd stroke a few weeks ago. This one is worse than the first. The stroke is in the exact same spot in his head except on the opposite side. So now, his best side is already a damaged side. He is in physical therapy but progress is very slow. He can't even hold his head up or move in bed. He can't use his left arm or leg at all. He can't put any weight on his left side. Even the left side of his mouth doesn't work. He has to be watched while he's eating so he doesn't choke on the food that collects on the left side. It's awful! He's a prisoner inside his own body. His mind is in tact. He's begging to come home. How will MB take care of him? It's all so day by day. The doctor team wants to have a meeting with MB on Friday to determine how to make GC more comfortable and less agitated. I think they want to send him home already. And, who would blame them. He pushes the button every five minutes literally. He is driving them crazy. All he wants is for someone to move his position. They try to tell him that he can't push the button all the time and he doesn't care. He's so unhappy and miserable. How much of that will MB be able to handle? The doctor said his diabetes is so advanced that he could have another stroke and die any time. Or, he could live for several more years. More will be by day.

Lord, I pray that you have mercy on this man. If he is to continue to live, help him to get stronger. I reminded him today that you will never leave him and I was encouraged to know that he is talking to you daily. Give him the will to work on his physical therapy daily.
And, Lord, help me to know how I can be of the most help. Use me God to help him and to help MB. Thank you for opening my mind to where you may need me. In Jesus holy name, I pray. Amen

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