Friday, April 4, 2008

Ruby Sue

Let me introduce you to my oldest furry daughter, Ruby Sue. Ruby is usually very furry, but we shave her during the summer as in the picture. This old girl is 14 years young and still dancing like she belongs in a circus. She's a border collie/shepherd mix. She is a good girl and has always been the ideal family pet. She loves us beyond unconditionally. Even in her old age and with her hearing failing, she still watches over us as though her own life depends on it. She completely tolerates Peggy Sue Pugster who demands to dominate her. Yeah right! And, the cats...they are a wonderful source of exercise for her. Being the working dog that she is, she spends a few minutes each day rounding them up into corners of the house and then licking them. Poor kitties aren't crazy about this little routine, but seem to take it in stride. Ruby finds great joy in her daily dog work. She's in good health and will hopefully live another 14 years.

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